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Start with drawing out the measurements.
Cut out the pieces with a sharp knife.
Use a steel lineal when you cut.

The home made pyramid can be made in thick cardbord or wood .
The pyramid is made of 4 sides put toghether.

The Pyramids are taking form.
Glue the sides together with thick tape.
You can make it with or without the bottom.
It´s easier to use the Pyramid if you make it without the bottom plate.

Cheops Pyramid

Actual Height of the Real Cheops Pyramid 146,6 meters )
Bottom of The Pyramid is 230 meters.

Interactive Units Converter. Convert cm to inch

Build your own Pyramid course

Åhusvägen 15,Björkhagen, Sweden
Time: Saturday -Sunday: 14.00 - 19.00
Fee:2.200:- Sek: Material included.
The bigger Pyramids measurements in centimeters

Distance and Length Conversion.Interactive Units Converter.
Convert cm to inch

The small Pyramids measurements in centimeters

small pyramid

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