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Autonomic nervous system changes during reiki treatment: a preliminary study.
Institute of Neurological Sciences, South Glasgow University Hospital NHS Trust, Glasgow, UK.

Long-term effects of energetic healing on symptoms of psychological depression and self-perceived stress.

Evaluation of healing by gentle touch.
Faculty of Health and Social Care, School of Health, Medical Sciences and Social Work, St Martin's College-Lancaster, Lancaster LA1 3JD, UK.

Efficacy of therapeutic touch in treating pregnant inpatients who have a chemical dependency.
British Columbia Women's Hospital, British Columbia, Canada.

Evaluation of healing by gentle touch in 35 clients with cancer.
School of Health, Medical Sciences and Social Work, Faculty of Health & Social Care, St. Martin's College,
Lancaster LA1 3JD, UK.

Therapeutic massage and healing touch improve symptoms in cancer.

University of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. postw001@umn.edu

Reiki: a supportive therapy in nursing practice and self-care for nurses.
University of Rochester School of Nursing, Loving Touch Center of East Rochester, NY, USA

A phase II trial of Reiki for the management of pain in advanced cancer patients.
Faculty of Nursing and International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Changes in the isoprenoid pathway with transcendental meditation and Reiki healing practices in seizure disorder.
Department of Neurology, Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum 695-003, Kerala, India.

Biological correlates of Reiki healing.
School of Nursing, University of Texas Houston Health Science Center, Houston, Texas, USA.dwardell@son1.nur.uth.tmc.edu

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