splenic chakra -second chakra
~ The Sacral Chakra ~

The second chakra is about friendliness, creativity, sexuality, emotions and intuition on the gut level. It's influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed during childhood. The sexual center for women. The Sacral Chakra is located in front of the spine at the lower abdomen, and is generally considered the emotional center of the personality. It holds and governs feelings around one-on-one relationships, including sexuality in the context of a relationship.

Location: 1-2 inches below navel
Color: Orange

Glands and organs influenced by this chakra:
Skin, kidney, mammary glands. Ovaries, testicles, prostrate, spleen.

Kidney weakness, constipation, muscle cramps, lack of energy, allergies,
repression and inhibition. Loss of weigh. Physical disorders may manifest in the region of the reproductive organs, bladder, small and large intestines and lower back.

Balanced energy:

Friendly, concerned for others, sense of belonging, intuitive, clairsentient.
God sense of humour. Radiate warmth and compassion.

Excessive energy:

Emotionally explosive, overly ambitious, manipulative, caught up in illusions, overindulgent, sexual energy see people as sex objects. Attempt to escape fear and pain by addictions of sex, drama and thrill-seeking.

Deficient energy:

Shy, timid, immobilized by fear, overly sensitive, self negating, burdened by guilt, sexual energy-clinging, guilty about having sex, abused, frigid or impotent. Blockage in this energy center of the body can lead to feelings of guilt and fear around sexual feelings and relationships, preventing the free flow of love to and from another person. Thought forms such as "No one can get close to me" and "It is not safe to commit to a relationship," are common in people with blockage in the Second Chakra.

Gems/Minerals: Carnelian, coral, amber.
Sweet fruits:
melons, mangos, strawberries, passion fruit, oranges, coconut.

almonds, walnut.


cinnamon, vanilla, carob, sweet paprika, sesame seeds.

To balance this chakra:

Express your creativity, dance, move your hips, laugh and have some fun.

When two people make love, then the lights from their sex chakras are mixed, and the light are creating figures, whose beauty also in this case depends on the love between the parties.
Two people, who really love each other, create a fantastic aura around them when making love - it can be compared to a forest of fairytale trees, whose flowers and leaves create an arc above the lovers, which has so powerful vibrations, that a lot of negative karma can be burned away.
In other words, just by loving another person and showing it by sexual behavior which pleases and satisfies, one can develop very much personally and in the end thereby also spiritually.

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