~The year of the Green Rooster ~

People born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, capable, and talented.
They like to be busy and are devoted beyond their capabilities and are deeply disappointed if they fail. Roosters can be a bit eccentric, and often have rather difficult relationship with others. They always think they are right and they usually are! They frequently are loners and though they give the outward impression of being adventurous. Roosters emotions like their fortunes, swing very high to very low. They can be selfish and too outspoken, but are always interesting and can be extremely brave.

They are always devoted to their work and have a reputation for being the hardest of workers.
Rooster People are deep thinkers and are pioneers in spirit. They can experience the greatest of joy in complete solitude. Even though often alone, they rarely experience loneliness. Instead, they enjoy their own company and feel solitude helps them in their quest after knowledge.

Chicken is one of a romantic star in Chinese astrology.
The better animals signs in the year of the Rooster are the Dragon, and the Snake and Ox, as they are in combine relationship with the Rooster, so will be into a more harmonious year. There is some good news for people born in the year of the Monkey, Rat and Dragon , they will be into a year favorable for romance.


The Chinese Wood Rooster Year:
February 4 - 2005 - February 3 - 2006

The major elements in the Green Chicken are Wood and Metal. According to the Five Element Relationship there is a conflict between Wood and Metal. According to the cycle of birth and destruction metal will destroy wood. Therefore, wood sitting on its destroyer - metal is a symbol of disharmony and this may lead to conflicts. Any unfinished good or bad business from 2004 will continue to occur in 2005. Energies changes from year to year. Therefore, it is necessary to watch out for the relocation of good and bad energies at the beginning of each year, so that you can take necessary precautions if bad energy arrives at important locations of your residence or office. If you are relocating your desk this year please be aware of the directions and locations of the annual afflictions.

The annual bad stars in 2005 is located in the East, West,
North-west and South-east
To soften the effects of this years bad stars you can hang six Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon in the northwest and east of your home and a six rod metal wind chime in the northwest.

The yearly affliction of the Three Killings sickness star is in the East 53 to 128.5 in 2005.

Do not sit with your back to east or you may find unscrupulous people working against you or you may encounter undue gossip and back stabbing during the year. The traditional cure is to place a small metal laughing Buddha in this location of the office.

Grand Duke is found between 262.5 - 277.5 west in 2005.
Do not confront him by undertaking any renovation or construction works in the west or by sitting in a position that is directly opposite him. In 2005, this means do not sit with your back to the east facing west even if this is your best direction.Gold colour is very effective to reducing the bad earth energy and protecting your wealth.Try to have no red items, bright lights or burning candles in this area. Iif you have these colours already introduce the colours white, silver, gold or copper.

The bad star 5 Yellow will be present in the north-west in 2005.
This is the most negative direction this year.The remedy is to hang a six rods metal wind chime cure in the northwest corner of the room.Stillness coupled with metal cure can keep its negative influences down. Metal objects are good elemental cures. In shape it is round and the colours are grey, white, gold, brass, bronze or silver. Avoid playing loud music in the NW of the home or room. Do not decorate your room with red or earth colours this year or with red items, bright lights or burning candles. Grey or white beddings and curtains are good colours to use.

3 Jade argument star is in the south-east.
Place a light in this corner of the room, a lamp with a wooden stand is good,cure with fire element.Do not hang wind chimes in this corner of the house, especially metal wind chimes may worsen things. Avoid placing heavy metal ornaments it destroys wood, a traditional cure is to place a red Dragon here but not made of metal.the year shows strong wood element energy, it's vital to place fire energy in the southeast

The annual lucky stars in 2005 is located in the South and North

8 White star is Located in the south in 2005.
Wealth, prestige and distinction can be expected. It brings good fortune and exciting times. Quartz crystals, crystal balls or hanging faceted crystals are good here this year. The 8 star also governs relationships so placing a nice romance enhancer here like a pair of rose quartz double hearts or a pair of Mandarin Ducks will enhance love this year. Do not place metal here, as it will weaken the good earth. Use your south room as frequently as possible to enhance wealth.Keep area active and open doors and windows.

9 Purple is the star of future wealth and has an auspicious influence and is found in the north in 2005
. Career opportunities and promotions are possible at the right months. There is fame and acknowledgement, growth and improvement. Healthy green plants or blue flowers are good for this area. Fresh flowers displayed here will bring positive qi.Symbolic objects of wealth can be placed here all year round to enhance beneficial influence.

1 White star is in the Southwest. To enhance your wealth this year hang a 12 coin ball tied with red ribbon and use gold colours and metal objects in this area of your home or business.

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The Year 2005 for Each Animal
People born :
1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 are Rats: Your lucky sector is the North (352.5º - 7.5º) of the home. This is another good year for the rat. There are lots of opportunities where success can be attained. Expect a fun filled year where social life may keep the rat busy but do not get too distracted by romance. Promiscuity may lead to danger so do beware of romantic entanglements.
Wealth may be good this year but do not be too greedy. Be content with what you have and try putting aside some savings for rainy days, avoid gambling and heavy investments.There will be chances to make more new friends this year. Singles will be able to meet up with their potential partner. For married couples, there may be a third party coming into the relationship.

People born :
1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 are Buffalos / Ox: Your lucky sector is the Northeast (22.5º - 37.5º) of the home or office. There will be chances this year involving new jobs or even a break into the new business you desire.Take note of your liver and due to your busy work schedule, try spending more time resting or you may fall sick easily.

People born :
1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 are Tigers: Your lucky sector is the Northeast (52.5º – 67.5º) You will receive lots of wealth this year and there will be lots of opportunities to show off your talents. There will be lycky stars present blessing you this year. Do grab opportunities when they appear. This year you must also build up your intellectual abilities and improve your social circle. Persons of Nobility will be around to help you in the things you do. For those at work, you will perform well this year and you will be recognised by authority figures.

People born :
1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 are Rabbits/ Cats: Your lucky sector is the East (82.5º – 97.5º) of the home or office; although this year 2005 it has unfavourable annual stars it is afflicted by the Three Killings and this sector is also in confrontation with Grand Duke, do not sit with your back to east or you may find unscrupulous people working against you or you may encounter undue gossip and back stabbing during the year.The year element is not favourable to Rabbits so do exercise patience during this time. In order to avoid problems during the year, do not take undue risks.Love luck will be good this year. Singles will meet with their dream dates and relationships can be started from there. Wedding bells can also be heard this year.

People born :
1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 are Dragons: Your lucky sector is the Southeast (112.5º – 127.5º) of the home or office. This will turn out to be one of the best years for Dragon. Opportunities and success await you. Coupled with Dragon's natural passion and drive, the year 2005 will take you to great heights.
There will be progress in business overseas and you will see a good increase in sales this year. Do grab all opportunities available. Do your best to make a successful career.Your love life will be smooth and couples can get married this year.

People born :
1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 are Snakes: Your lucky sector is the Southeast (142.5º – 157.5º) of the home provided it does not house unfavourable time energies. This year is the best for you to carve a niche for your career. You must be able to differentiate between good and bad friends. In order for you to show off your talents, you must have a strong determination. Be extra careful when dealing with documents and contracts. Your wealth luck is good and there will be gains in your investments. There will also be chances in striking the lottery.You will become a popular person this year and you will go on many dates. Do be faithful towards your love partner.

People born:
1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 are Horses: Your lucky sector is the South (172.5º – 187.5º) of the home or office. Lucky stars will shine on you in 2005.
Wealth will come easily this year but still, you must be very careful when investing. Get the advice of a professional financial planner and do not overspend. Remember to lock your door and windows at home.Career luck is very good. Your business will be better than last year. Great improvements will be shown at work. Have a good rest when time allows as there will be lots of stress. Improve your circle of friends at work. This will help a lot in your career.Your love life will be good. There will be lots of potential partners this year. As for couples, you should spend time with your family.

People born
1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 are Goats / Sheep / Ram:
Your lucky sector is the Southwest (202.5º – 217.5º) A person of Nobility will appear and help you when you really need it. Try to improve your circle of friends. Due to ill wealth luck, you should avoid gambling this year. A well-prepared plan must be available before you start any business this year. Consider going for overseas business trips if the opportunities arise. A person of eminence will be present to guide you along. For those at work, you should build a better circle of friends.Dating couples should try to be more understanding towards one another. Married couples will have deep lasting relationships.

People born:
1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 are Monkeys: Your lucky sector is the Southwest (232.5º – 247.5º) Lucky stars will be present and you should grab every opportunity this year. Noble persons will be around helping you and you will perform well at work. There will be chances of getting a raise and promotion. With good wealth luck, there will be lots of opportunities around.
Your career luck will be good.You will need to take very good care of yourself. You will also get hurt easily, therefore be alert. Due to stress from your work, you must find yourself some time to rest.
Singles will be able to meet their dream dates during business functions.

People born :
1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 are Rooster: Your lucky sector is the West (262.5º – 277.5º) of the home or office. Problems will arise due to the presence of Tai Sui this year. Problems will occur in your career and you will need to handle them maturely. Be careful of vile characters.You should start hording money this year and not spend on unnecessary junk! There will be times that you will be caught out with money problems. Avoid becoming a guarantor for anyone.When handling documents, you should check thoroughly before signing.Take note of the food that you eat.

People born:
1946,1958, 1970, 1982 ,1994, 2006 are Dogs: Your lucky sector is the Northwest (292.5º – 307.5º) of the home or office. For those who are working or with their own businesses, this will be a good year for you to shine. There will be high hopes for a promotion and pay rise this year too. Your career luck will be very good, smooth sailing. You will get praises from a superior due to your hard work. Your hard work will have paid off handsomely.You may have gastric problems so take note of your diet. Do take good care of your own health. Dating couples will get married.

People born :
1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 are Pigs: Your lucky sector is the Northwest (322.5º – 337.5º) of the home or office. You will need to work hard in order to earn more money. Your wealth luck will depend on your hard work. Be more alert when investing.There will be many changes that you will need to adapt to this year. Be more alert when investing. When handling documents, always do thorough checks before signing. You may have a chance of going overseas to work or travelling for a holiday.Your love luck will be very good. You will just need to be careful of vile characters trying to cause difficulties for you, especially married couples. As long as your relationship is deep and lasting, nothing will come between you.


The Rooster personality
They have a love for life and want to right every wrong. Their idealism will lead them to become involved in life, oftentimes through political action or volunteer work, and they work hard to make life problem-free, for themselves and others. The Rooster is very intelligent, with quick reflexes, and has inexhaustible energy
You can often find the Rooster behind the scenes or in solitary activities. People are amazed they can talk so much! Roosters have adrenaline coursing through their veins! These self-promoters enjoy jumping the goal posts and therefore engage in competition of all kinds. When there's a target to pursue, enemy to conquer, and goal to achieve, they know how to make big things happen. Big magnificent things do happen in career and finances, such as having a fulfilling cozy security. These are influential, powerful people always trustworthy, and the world stands up and salutes! Roosters aren't shifty or cagey and have no interest in hiding behind a facade. They are the proverbial open book, telling the truth and keeping their word. If you show your hand, the Rooster will respect you for it. Roosters tend to be perfectionists and expect to be in control, especially over their appearance. Primping and posing for the Rooster can go on forever! Being noticed and admired is an aphrodisiac for Roosters, and they can go a long time on a few kind words. Roosters also adore being out on the town, especially if they're in the company of adoring friends. Roosters also expect to be in control of their surroundings, including whoever happens to be in those surroundings.

The Rooster in Love
Their very soft hearts relish love and heartbreaking poetry. They pamper their senses with indulgences and when they're not looking, they sink into a love trap more powerful than quicksand. Their relationships will last forever because they take very good care of their other half.
In the dance of love, Roosters need to learn it takes two to tango. Very adept at making Romance sizzle like wildfire, the male Rooster nevertheless occasionally encounters problems in getting his message understood. With work, your tango of love can become the most passionate and ultimate love dance. The Rooster needs the right partner, one who understands this Sign's basically conservative nature. With the right person, the Rooster can be the most loyal, trusting and supportive mate around, one who bends over backward to please its loved ones. Some Signs may just end up feeling hen-pecked, however. There are likely to be many romantic opportunities in your life since you enjoy courtship and are a charming companion. With your love of good clothes, surroundings and company, you know how to create a romantic atmosphere to suit the moment.
You take pride in your appearance, and if the situation demands, you know how to impress with intelligent conversation.
There is a danger that the thrill of romance comes from the conquest, and when a partner's actions or responses become predictable, restlessness takes hold and you set off again in search of a new relationship. Your independent nature keeps you on the move, but you also have a jealous streak which you try to keep hidden. In the whirl of romance it is the female rather than the male rooster who usually keeps an eye on practicalities. In the long run you are a reliable partner, and your roaming will cease when you meet someone you do not want to lose. You are capable of deep commitment, and in the right relationship are a dedicated and responsible partner.

Compatible with: They are most compatible with Ox, Snake, and Dragon.

Some famous Roosters: Peter Ustinov, D. H. Lawrence, Yoko Ono, Bette Midler, Michael Caine, Enrico Caruso, Eric Clapton, Joan Collins, the Duke of Edinburgh, Gloria Estefan, Bryan Ferry, Errol Flynn, Steffi Graf, Melanie Griffith, Richard Harris, Deborah Harry, Goldie Hawn, Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, D.H. Lawrence, David Livingstone, Jayne Mansfield, Steve Martin, James Mason, Bette Middler, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, Paul Nicholas, Kim Novak, Donny Osmond, Dolly Parton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Roman Polanski, Priscilla Presley, Nancy Reagan, Neil Young.



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