The Root Chackra

Root Chakra

The center of physical energy and vitality, the energy to succeed in
business or material possessions. Center of manifestations.

The Base or Root Chakra located at the very bottom of the spine.
The Root Chakra governs issues around physical self-preservation. These issues include survival, security and safety, as well as primal erotic and procreational urges.

This chakra is the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth energies and empower our being.

Every other chakra is downstream of it and only receives the energy that the root chakra can pass through to it. The path to health and mystical power goes right through the gender organs.
To understand your root chakra, you must come to a place of peace with your sexual energy.

Throughout the ancient world in historical and mythological stories, the root chakra has been associated with dragons and snakes.
Dragon Root chackra
Dragons is a symbol for the kundalini fire energy.

Root Chakra
Location: At the tailbone
Color: Red / Black
Tone: E
Note: C
Element: Earth
Sense: Smell

Balanced energy:
Centered, grounded, healthy, fully alive, unlimited physical energy, can manifest abundance. Takes good care of the body. People who have open root chakras love their lives - love their physical incarnation in their present bodies.

Excessive energy:
Egoistic, domineering, greedy, sadistic, sexual energy entirely genital. Judgment and biased opinions.

Deficient energy:
Lack of confidence weak, can't achieve goals, suicidal, sexual energy, feel unlovable, little interest in sex, masochistic.

Fear and insecurity. Blockage in this energy center of the body can result in a core sense of unworthiness and self-doubt and shame.
Thoughts such as "I don't deserve love," "I'm ashamed of who I am," and "I'm always misunderstood," are common in people with a blocked Root Chakra. They try to compensate for these feelings by acquiring, keeping and controlling material possessions, by becoming addicted to material things

The ultimate root chakra failure is suicide

Drug addictions, anemia, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, gynecological problems, Aids, herpes, candida. Decreased immune system. Lower back pain. Constipation. Physical problems with the coccyx, anus and genitals.


Adrenals, kidneys, spinal column, colon, legs, bones.

Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, red jasper, black tourmaline, obsidian, smoky quartz.

Patchouli, cedar wood, lavender, musk, hyacinth, cinnamon and sandalwood.

How can you balance this chakra?
Dancing is very good for grounding. In the summer, go barefoot.
House cleaning and cooking is also grounding. Hug a tree, take care of your plants.
Focusing on the color red can help bring your energetic body "down to earth" and in alignment with your physical body.
Opening this Chakra by using colors, scents and crystals.

Positive affirmations

- I know who I am and make choices based on what I know to be right for me.

- I am supported in life through all my choices to do good and share the light of love.

- My body supports me in living a creative and happy life.

- I am open to the spirit of life, which carries me beyond my original limits to a higher, more creative space.

- I am thankful for all the opportunities for growth and development that have come my way.

- I am grateful for the challenges that have taught me who I truly am.

- I love life.

When the energies or vibrations from two people's chakras are mixed, the following takes place: the light from the one chakra affects the light from the other chakra, these lightwaves are mixed in a way, so they create different figures. The figures created by the lightwaves from the chakras become more beautiful, the more love there is between the parties.
Here's a simple test to see whether your First (Root) Chakra is balanced and working well.

1. I have a lot of physical pain -- lower back pain, problems with feet, knees, or varicose veins. (Physical pain in general can indicate discomfort with our physical bodies. When it occurs in the legs, hips, knees, ankles, or feet, this can signify difficulty in accessing earth energy.)

2. I have habits and addictions that run my life. (When habits and addictions run our lives, we are often resisting the experience of physical sensation.)

3. I have many good ideas, but I have difficulty materializing them. (Problems with manifesting ideas can indicate a strong fear of failure, a preference for the world of imagination, and difficulties with the rules of physical existence.)

4. Routine things like balancing checkbooks and daily tasks bore me. (Confusion and/or boredom regarding the practical aspects of existence can symbolize a basic distaste for the fundamentals of physical life.)

5. I spend a lot of my time and energy in worrying about survival.

6. My life is full of stress.

7. Security is the most important thing to me.
Worries about survival and feeling desperate reflect feelings about the general insecurity surrounding physical existence, as does the feeling that life is stressful.

8. Physical existence is just something we have to suffer in order to reach a higher plane.

If you checked off two or more of the above statements, you probably have some degree of blockage around the Root Chakra.


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