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Thank you everybody for your Awards.


"Great site! You definitely deserve my award, Keep up the good work! "
Thank you Jeanette Snyder .

Thank you Ingela Hallgren.

Mery Meet Anki! Thank you so much for inviting me to visit your beautiful site. It is marvelously done and I enjoyed every minute! So, I would like to present to you the Temple of Bast Award of Excellence for your tireless webcrafting skills. Also, I would like to offer you Our House Production's latest award. This one cannot be applied for. Instead it is awarded to webcrafters who have displayed enormous hear and spirituality, personal growth and most important of all, a true soul. I would be honored if you would accept our Life of the Mystic award for your wonderful creative talent and soul.

Thank you very much Lilith EmeraldLioness Our House Productions


Thank you so much for all the insight you give on Reiki. I was always interested and hope to become a Reikimaster myself one day! I read your pages with great interest! Big faerie hugs for your gift! I truly appreciate it! But the greatest gift of all is that you give to people with Reiki! Brightest Blessings and Gentle Breezes!

Thank you very much
Mauve Silvermoon.

I am very happy for this Award given by Beckie & Tina's Touch of Heaven


Thank you Sir !
Health AtoZ  3 star site
Thank you Health AtoZ for rating this site as a 3 star site