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Award of Excellence| Spiritual site Award | Ancient Wisdom Award
Beautiful Woman Award
| Beautiful Man Award | Magic Award

Outstanding work of Art Award | Ilove your site Award

Ankis Award of excellence
name = ray achard
where = FRANCE
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = jours blancs
music = janet jackspm
description = a journey inside a man's heart
url =

name = Gregg Culp
where = Pa
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title= Butterfly Kisses
music = Santana
description = My site is about the relationship between a father and daughter,
and there is nothing more wonderful and awarding then that.
url =

name = Hayrettin Gürkök
where = Turkey
replyemail =
astro = Taurus
title = TheABBA, Unofficial ABBA Fansite
music = ABBA, Barbra Streisand
description = Everything you need about the music group ABBA
url =

Spiritual site Award
name = ted phelps
where = penna
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = blue angel cruisers
music = 50s rock & roll
description = charity
url =

Ancient Wisdom Award

Beautiful Woman Award

where = FRANCE
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = Taali, the calling in my life
music = Celine Dion
description = A thought traveller
Award url =

name = Ms Hyde
where = alabama
replyemail =
astro = taurus
title = Ms Hyde's Page
music = I like a little bit of everything :-)
description = Just a site to show off my experiences with the software "Firetalk" chat program.. what it is, friends I have met.
url =

name = Cynthia M. (Yarde) Kiernan
where = New Hampshire, USA
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = Child Abuse Survivors' Forum
music = Jazz, Country, Blues
description = A message Board and chat room for survivors of child abuse
url =

name = bonita
where = kentucky
replyemail =
astro = virgo
music = lonestar, bsb, britney spears,nsync, all kinds
description = :-)friendship poems,quotes,hugs,cool links, special causes i support, cancer research and the fight to stop child abuse
url =

name = Patricia Karl
where = Galena, IL
replyemail =
astro = Taurus
title = Showstar Birman Cats
music = 70's
description = My site features the Scared Cat of Birma.
url =

title = Simply Elegant Boutique
description = My site is an online ladies boutique.
url =

name = Annelie J Malony
where = New England
astro = taurus
title = Princess of Little Pleasures
description = Gifts for all occasions. Some adult content. Adult site is set not to be offensive. Some very funny party favors.
url =

name = Steen Elvekjær
where = Aarhus - Denmark
replyemail =
title = Steen's Hjemmeside
music = The Beatles
description = Game cheats, driver downloads, cartoons / clipart, links, The Family, Africa Live, weather, topsites, and advokaterne with more - in English and Danish.
select = Beautiful Woman Award
url =

name = Lotta Olsson
where = Kristinehamn
replyemail =
astro = aries
title = Lotta's place
music = I really listen to all kinds of music, it's true, I actually do...
description = My most personal place on the web :-)
url =

name = Ibeth
where = philippines
replyemail =
astro = cancer
title = ibeth's homepage
music = boyzone
description = personal homepage
url =

name = Geraldine
where = Phil.
replyemail =
astro = libra
title = Sailor Moon!!!
music = Steps
description = all about sailor moon
url =

Beautiful Man Award
Peter Leach
I am fairly new to the noble art of web design and am still using Publisher to set upthe pages. Being registered blind I do not think I have made a bad job Sofar. The main attraction to my site is an old autograph book in my possission that once belonged to a Captain on the RMS Majestic (White Star Line) circa 1920-35). Although there are other topics covered regarding other interests.
You should also checkl out the Rory Story!! And apply for his award.

name = Jim Parker
where = Alabama, USA
replyemail =
astro = Libra
title = Our Family History
music = Leonard Skynard
description = Family genealogy, historical information, and ancestral photo's.s
url =


name = Gerrit Ensing
where = Assen (the Netherlands)
replyemail =
astro =sagittarius
title = Wicca website van Lama
music = Enya
url =

name = brigitte arlette rahman
where = france
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = Mon chemin
music = Eurythmics
description = Ways of life within life
url =

My real name reads Manfred - Guenter Boffo in the depths of the WWW I am well-known however only as MGB. I am 56 years old and regard myself for 5 years as a knight of the Internets. Today I do in my Chat and I must say that I have only clean and decent people in my Chat.
You find Chat under
or also over my homepage under

name = Franz Selhofer
where = Austria
replyemail =
astro = twins
title = Selhofer Franz, composer
music = all good music, my own music
description = presentation of my 2 musicals, otzer compositions, about my painful life, animgifs,...
url =

Outstanding work of Art Award

name = Venus
where = Kosova / NC
replyemail =
astro = virgo
title = Venus: the artist

music = Celin Dion's music
description = The truth in me and around me will make the others go on and never give up!That makes one unique...
url =

Receiver of the
"I love your site Award"

name = Sasha
where = Russia
replyemail =
astro = Gemini
title = Celine-Russia Website
music = Wife of Smashing Pumpkins singer is Russian! I like them. I like E-TYPE & Stakko Bo & Cardigans & Roxette, Swedish music is GREAT!!!
description = The first Russian site about Celine Dion in English.
url =

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