And the Winners 1998 are.....

Ankis Award of excellence

Please visit Naomi Quanyins wonderful Spirit Garden and Third Eye Images You can spend hours here...

Lena Allot of magic, she is a Leo born on the 19 of aug, from New York.
Please visit her magnificent site

Nick's Nook on the Net
Nick is an aquarius from Memphis, TN ,
his site is about:
Religion, Angels, Religious Tolerance, him, his school, his friends, Dharma & Greg, Jenna Elfman, Romeo & Juliet, etc!
Hi likes to listen to Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode.,Matchbox 20 Baby!! Aaliyah, Barenaked Ladies, Monica.
PLease visit his site

Spiritual site Award

Gary Barnes from California is a Gemini and likes to listen to Metallica.
Please visit his site Self-Worth,Com
This Site Is A Great >Place To Visit If You Are Feeling Down Or If You Need A Little >Extra Motivation.

Emilie Stiwing known as Excalibur, is a cancer and she likes listening to Era, Riverdance and Mikael Rickfors .Please visit her Unicorn site.

Geri is a Leo, and true to heart of what the Leo represents
, He love all kinds of music but he is very fond of the BeeGees,
he lives in Illinois and have worked in law enforcement most of his life , please visit his beautiful spiritual site.

Inspired By Angels-Spiritual Reader and Advisor CELT.Please visit this spiritual site.

Ancient Wisdom Award

The Fluid Druid's Headspace
The Fluid Druid is a Capricorn, rising Aquarius ,moon Aries, Favorite band The Eagles

Eva-Lena Rosencrantz is a true Capricorn , both her Sun, Moon and the rising sign are in Capricorn.She likes to listening to Peter LeMarc This site is Swedish.

Guided by the Light to help others grow
Tehannah from Utah, USA is a Pisces ,and likes to listen to Kitaro, Yanni, stephen stills.
This site is to help awaken others to the path of spirit -- it is composed completely of channelings with spirit aiding in the design.
we also offer counseling, healings, and a mailing list - RainbowVision at no charge for services
Please visit this enlightening site.

Beautiful Woman Award

Gitte Ragsdale is an libra from Bromma SwedenShe likes to listen to Vangelis, Mozart, George Michaels, Any music that makes her happy
Please visit her site :For friends:bits and pieces from her life

Anna Larsson is a Leo from Gothenburg Sweden likes to listen to Depeche Mode,Alanis Morisette.
Please visit Anna's World :About the things that matter in Anna's World

Kim Blanton from Raleigh. NC - US is an Aaquarius .She likes to listen to :Ronnie McDowell, Kentucky Headhunters ... just keep it country ... :)
Her site is about: Writings / poems that reflect her feelings about love, life.

Graisi Emburr O'Hara , visit her bLoOd RoSeS

Ingela is an Taurus with the Ascendant sign in Leo, She likes to listening to Oliver Shantis music. Lives in Sweden.

Pualani is an Capricorn on cusp of Aquarius,
and she loves Hawaiian music that speaks to the soul/inner spirit ...and American Indian music...and blues....and jazz...and classical.
Please visit her wonderful Hawaiian site.

True Unicorn
:Her favorite song/band is" To the Moon and Back" by Savage Garden.
Her sign is Taurus. And she´s from the Tennessee Valley, USA.
Please visit her Unicorn site.

Tamara Becker (aka FireFlii)
Her favorite band are: The Eagles her Astro sign: Gemini on the cusp of Cancer (Born June 20)
she is from: Rochester, IN (Midwest) Please visit her site and look at her fantastic Dolphin pictures and lots more!

Yvonne Nyman likes to listen to Medwyn Goodall. She is a Cancer with Aries rising. Lives in Mora, Dalarna Sweden
Please visit her spiritual site (In Swedish)

Ruth Lamarche is a wonderful woman from Canada , born in the sign of Pisces , she likes to listen to" In the mood" with Glenn Miller.
Please visit her nice site.

Magic Award

is a Leo from N.Y. U.S.A .She likes to listen to the Cranberries
Please visit the :Temple of Bastet, come see the wonder of this beautiful Netjer. Share the warmth and joy that Bastet brings.

Susanne är född iTvillingarna/Kinesiskt tecken: Draken
Regnbågen:Livsfilosofi, Healing, Meditation, Andlig- och Personlig utveckling, Helhetstänkande, Qigong, Dikter, Musik- och Boktips m m
Gillar att lyssna på Harmonisk musik - allt från pop, soul, disco, rock till klassisk musik.

Reiki master Zalire from Bristol, England is a Capricorn; Rising=Aries; Moon=cancer; Chinese=Water Tiger
He likes to listen to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple,Thin Lizzy
Please visit Zalire's Information & link pages about Magick & Mystery

is a Capricorn, mother of the little GreenDragon and wife of FireDragon. She lives in South Africa, in Johannesburg with her family and kitty, Raven.
She likes to listen to Nephilim, Enya, Dead can Dance and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Einsturzende Neubauten,Beethoven...
Please visit IceDragons Magical site

Friends of New Age Buddhism.

Hans Hinrich Taeger from Co. Donegal, Ireland is a Libra and likes to listening to Michel Jarre...

Please visit this very interesting site with much information , you can spend hours here.

Diane Saludares is a Pisces, she teach both hula and Middle Eastern Belly Dancing
.and LOVE the old rock & roll of the 50's and 60's. Please visit her beautiful site

Receiver of the "I love your site Award"

Mauve Silvermoon is an Aries Visit her wonderful site.

Sam SilverHawk is a Cancer with Virgo moon , and the Rolling Stones are among his favorite music.
He like jazz things, live, and He plays the saxophone.
Please visit his fantastic site with his original unique Artwork and Silver Jewelry .
Sams wifes homepage is also worth visiting :SilverRainbows-Rain's pages

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