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Spiritual site Award,Ancient Wisdom Award,
Beautiful Woman Award
,Beautiful Man Award,Magic Award

Ankis Award of excellence

where = Osnabrueck/Germany
replyemail =
astro = Aquariusces
title = The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself
music = I prefer *Classical Music*, Mozart, Schubert .description = The submitted site is a bilingual German/ENGLISH animal site (each one
with a full version of approximately 200 pages).A little dog tells his moving life story and presents more than 250
great pictures for lovers of all dogs from Chihuahuas and Yorkies to.Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds. Artistic layout with original graphics
(and writing own HTML code) and 120 exclusive dog-related paintings. An own awards program, a contest ("Favourite Dog") and MUCH MORE. -
*Family First Featured Site*
url =
namn: Richard Axelsson
från: kil, i sverige
astrotecken: skorpion
titel på sidan: TSST - The Swedish Stunts Team
musik: spelar jag själv, och lyssnar på punk

name = Shawn Haley
where = Bowden, AB, Canada
replyemail =
astro = leo
title = Eagle Creek Publishers
music = Big band music and bluegrass
description = An independent publisher of nonfiction titles in parenting, culture, lifestyles and learning.
url =

name = brigitte arlette rahman
where = France
replyemail =
astro = aries
title = the french natural
music = Annie Lennox or The Pretender
description = Our site is a site without walls where the browser can come and go as he/she pleases.. something for everyone and noone leaves us empty-hearted..
However to the more experience eye, we deliberately mix trade, poetry, fairy tales, poetry etc.. to overcome the fragmented being that we are force to be in our society and we are searching a way, any way towards wholeness.. :-)
url =

name = Kenneth Dahlke
where = Bradenton Fl.
replyemail =
astro = scorpio
title = K&N Enterprises
music = Rod Zombie
description = Web page designs, ICQ Command Center, ICQ skins, Diasbled and diabetes links.
url =

name = Ruti
where = Israel
replyemail =
astro = leo
title = Ruti
music = Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Roling stones, Counting Crows, Doors, Neil Young, Garbage, Suzanne Vega, Bjork
description = Art Galleries of my works, Lyrics to may artist- the Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie, Bjork,
Radiohead and many more. Links ( by subject)and more.
url =

name = Nicole S. Porter
where = Outer Space
replyemail =
title = Chrysallis
music = Celtic music
description = Chrysallis features my original writings, my personal art collection, and more!
url =

name = Dr. Paul F. Daniele --
The College of Metaphysical Studies
where = Clearwater, Florida, USA
replyemail =
astro = Leo
title = The College of Metaphysical Studies
music = Dark Side Of The Moon -- Pink Floyd
description = The College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS) is a full-time metaphysical teaching organization, established in 1986, offering education for on-campus and distant-learning. CMS is authorized by the State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities to operate as a private, non-secular college and to issue Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees in metaphysics, religion, esoteric wisdom, spiritual awareness and all allied metaphysical fields. CMS offers certification programs by the New Age Ministries, International (NAMI). CMS also offers personal growth non-degree programs for truth motivated adults
.url =
name = Anne Julie Botten
where = Norway
replyemail =
astro = cancer/ Kreps p norsk
title = Welcome to Kennel High Chin
music = Secret Garden
description = My site is about my Dog's, the Japanese Chin's. They are my baby's. And I like to chare them with the world.
Title: The Arden Pages
Description: The eclectic creations of a bored creative genius.
Name: Arden Davidson
E-mail: <A
Favorite band: Blind Melon!!!

name = Mike Rozar
where = Macon GA USA
replyemail =
astro = Leo
title = Mike's Lair
description = A warm and friendly site with tributes to Native Americans, Vietnam Veterans and more.
I hope that it is an inspiration to all and I hope that you enjoy your visit!
name = David McKee
where = USA
replyemail =
astro = aries
title = Zuben and Emeline's Hobbit Holt
music = Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode......
description = Fantasy site with original graphics, art, literature, sca info, postcards, and much more
award of excellence
name = Marc W. McCord
where = Dallas, Texas
replyemail =
astro = Aquarius
title = Valhalla ... Gateway to the Web Sites of Marc W. McCord
music = Ry Cooder, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa and the Mothers
description = Whitewater canoeing and wilderness camping, music, poetry, genealogy, pc consulting and web design, flying and golf,.links to friends and world-renowned organizations of which I am a member. Links related to canoeing, music and pc consulting.

name = Mandra Zandalee Az·ria

where = Stockholm

replyemail =

astro = Leo

title = Samtida shamanism med Mandra Zandalee Az·ria

music = Doors och Runrig

description = :-)Min sida handlar om shamanism och Eldens Lra + lite skojsigheter.
name = Storm Elara
where = NC
replyemail =
astro = Pisces
title = Brides of Kane
music = Garbage & Smashing Pumpkins
description = A tribute to my favorite wrestler, Kane..but I also have fan fiction, original artwork, role-playing and lots more.

name = Annette | where = Göteborg | replyemail =
astro = oxe
title = Annettes hemsida
music = Klassisk, Andrea Boccelli
description = En mysig sida med mycket intressant innehåll

name = Jen
where = somewhere
replyemail =
astro = cancer
title = Jen's Palace
music = I like almost everything
description = Jen's Palace contains info on Stregheria, (Italian Witchcraft) Moon info, Spells, Hypnosis, and so much more!

name = Dominique ClÈment
where = France
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = Image Composer tips and pictures
music = Yes Magma Frank Zappa Chicj Corea
description = Image Composer tips and pictures

name = Jay Walters
where = Hampton Va
replyemail =
astro = Taruas
title = Smashing Pumpkins Luna Site
music = Smashing Pumpkins!!
description = im a fun loving guy..about to turn 25...
i have been a BIG Pumpkins fan for 9 years now!im 6'0", brown short hair,170 lbs.

Ray Everly is a Gemini from Robinson, IL. He likes to listen to Pink Floyd and Genesis.
Ray's Homepage:Info on our historic county,Public Service, Amateur Radio, "Heath" candy, Funnies, Newbie and other pages of interest to a broad spectrum of visitors.

Spiritual site Award

name = ~*Lovehaze*~
where = somewhere
replyemail =
astro = libra
title = ~*Lovehaze's Realm of Angels*~
music = I don't know what this has to do with anything .savage garden, offspring, tears for fears, our lady peace, garbage, bush, sugar ray, goo goo dolls, sarah mclachlan!
description = A site completely devoted to angels
url =

name = Sayahda
where = Alaska
replyemail =
astro = scorpio
title = Centerpoint
music = Blues, rock and roll
description = spiritual/metaphysical insights, free on line teachings from the council, life readings, totem helpers, stories that warm the heart original content, great graphics.

name = Alexandra Ragsdale
where = stockholm
replyemail =
astro = capricorn
title = Alexandra¥s homepage
music = I like all kinds of music
description = Wicca, birds, movies and guineapigs

Angela and Malcolm are Reiki masters who have been practising and teaching Reiki in Glastonbury Uk,Europe and USA since 1990.
Reiki Healing Glastonbury Uk Home Page,

name = Lisa C (LadyDove)
where = Texas
replyemail =
astro = scorpio
title = LadyDove's Index Of Websites
description = Original animations..a fantastic meditation area..and a support our troops page, a name that midi section, lots to see and enjoy.
music = Aaron Nevile


Ancient Wisdom Award

name = Claudia McNeely
where = Gilmer, Texas
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = Claudia Psychic / Healer
music = Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode......
description = Claudia offers an opportunity for healing and growth on all levels. I offer many different healing techniques including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Healing, Inner Child .Healing, Soul Return, and more. I assist you with Clairvoyant Readings or Angel Readings
to help you progress on your path. I offer two catalogues for all your metaphysical and magickal needs.
url =

name = Anand
where = US
replyemail =
astro = Leo
title = Anand's Homepage
music = Abba
description = Personal Homepage with Personality types,Jokes, Quotations, Puzzles, IQ Test, OPtical Illusions,Cosmic and Ancient Mysteries and Greeting Cards
url =
name = Lady Cerridwen
where = Maine, USA
replyemail =
astro = aries
title = The Grove of the Purple Witch
music = Enja, Enigma, Etheridge, Jewel, etc.
description = Life and lessons of a Dianic priestess, survivor issues

William Samsel

name = Karen Lyster
where = New Zealand
replyemail =
astro = Leo and proud of it ;)
title = UFO's The Beginning of a New World
music = I like Rock
description = UFO Research, latest UFO Sigitings, Crop Circles, Earth Changes, Remote Viewing, Prophecies, Human Origins, Ancient Egypt, The Bloodline of the Holy Grail, The Secrets Of The Knights Templar and much more.

name = John Karlsson
where = Göteborg ,Sweden
replyemail =
astro = Lejon
title = Johns hemsida
description = Kolla den så ser du... :-)

Estrellia Sheran is a pisces. AshtarCommand.Net is a site dedicated to light, service, and remembering who we are. Spirituality, UFO's, memory activation, and the Ashtar Command. Hosted by Kaiel Ashtar and Estrellia Sheran.

Robert Johansson född i Tvillingens tecken fån Sverige.Robbans Hemsida :En personlig sida med humor och olika värderingar.

Redo an Aries from sweden .Web site about :Internet, photo Gallery .(in swedish)
Likes to listen to Celine Dion, Richard Clyderman .

Daniel* a pisces from California , he likes to listen to The Music of The Spheres :)
Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization:2012 : Its about awakening the Ancient-Future Earth Star Wisdom...just has my inspired writings...some mind maps...

Beautiful Woman Award
name = Rose De Dan
where = Seattle, WA
replyemail =
astro = capricorn
title = Wild Kingdom Reiki
music = Native American music
description = Natural healing for all species (humans not excluded). Healing/distance healing restoring physical, mental, emotional, spiritual balance, utilizing Reiki, shamanism, T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, intuitive communication. Case studies, classes. Seattle.
url =

name = Lisa Melendez
where = New York
replyemail =
astro = Aries
title = Real Eyes
music = Smashing Pumpkins, Babes In Toyland, Sonic youth, Portishead, Rasputina, Pj harvey, Tori amos
description = A page dedicated to babes in toyland.Site includes sounds
rare pictures, tablature, videos, and great links to other hard to find babes in toyland sites
url =


name = Tamar Bingham
where = WV
replyemail =
astro = Taurus
title = Passions of The Heart
music = easy listening and soft rock, mostly Elton John, Micheal Bolton
description = Poetry, but more of writings on passions from the heart
url =
name = Debi
where = PA
replyemail =
astro = Leo
title = Debi's Page
music = I like all kinds of music, like many groups Savge Garden, 98 degrees, Mariah Carey, all kinds!
description = My site is my healing. I am especially proud of my adopted angels, and my courage to do this!

name = Liquid Kiss
where = Aussie Land
replyemail =
astro = Gemini
title = Liquid Kiss
music = anything and everything really
description = It's got everything from backgrounds to greeting cards

Prudence Menier
This pages are dedicated to my husband, who is a non-custodial father that doesn't get to see his kids, and to my stepchildren whom we never see. This is a matter that is very close to my heart and I really wish i could get some traffic to these pages because they are really informative and touching for me.
name = Moi Tayler
where = Hawaii
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = Seasons of the Heart
music = Jim Brickman, "By Heart" Album......
description = Powerful, stirring words that touch heart chords...

name = Nakia
where = New Jersey
replyemail =
astro = Gemini
title = Nakia's Inner Space
music = Mozart,Celine Dion
description = Journey the ath to our inner selves through tarot,runes,music,inspiration

Arazyre from pittsburgis an Aries likes to listen to erasure!!! and depeche mode, omd, new order.
imajika. it's pretty much my own little world, a teensy bit under construction but there's still some stuff there :)

Anita smith from louisianais a pisces.Girls are forever

Julie an Aquarius from Florida Who loves country music...and my favorite singers are Vince Gill and Ronnie McDowell...but I love them all...I was an avid Elvis fan! JUST A LITTLE SOUTH OF HEAVEN .The site was created by Annah as a gift of love for her family and friends one week before she "got her wings" and went to be with is a celebration of life...please visit..

"Antony Green " A Girl's story does not have to be beautiful... I do not like a specific band, because not every good singer get to sing all good songs. It is an art gallery done by me. From paintings to comic series and sketches, from short novels to talks.

Fanciful Realm :For faeries wolves beautiful poetry cutie images to adopt and award to win. Foils is a Saggitarius and Likes to listen to Smashing Pumpkins,Elastica, Green Day, Garbage, Blur.

Marjo Nykanen from Finland is an aquarius. .She love peaceful, beautiful music, classic too. Her site has beautiful Angels , roses and more..

Rhona a Scorpio from Loganville, GA .Likes to listen to Enigma, Enya, Tangerine Dream, Tori Amos, Depeche Mode, and Joe Satriani
Welcome To My World.:Offering solutions for those suffering from the disease of addiction/alcoholism

Sara Johansson is a gemini from Kiruna ,Sweden . Her site is about cats (in swedish).

Mariah Lawson from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA is a taurus and she likes to listen to Classical music.
You are cordially invited to stop in for a visit at our House Midgard.
Wander along our beach, climb our 99 generation family tree,listen to Civil War music, copy our recipes, ask questions aboutpolyamory, paganism and female Freemasons...

June Kaminski a Virgo from British Columbia
.She likes to listen to Enigma, Delerium and Intermix . Please visit her wonderful site!

DynoWomyn Web Haven:
A place for 21st century womyn to explore, develop, dialogue, and reflect.

Beautiful Man Award
name = Rod
where = Italy
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = 1 AT 758 - Rod - Homepage
music = Cranberries
description = - Member of ALFA TANGO Radio Group since 1989.
- .Mid House also (the best .mid with lyrics by my collection). - Win my Award. Much more.
..url =

name = Ren
where = ar
replyemail =
astro = virgo
title = RockNSatin's Place
music = oh man I love it all, love alternative, dance, rock.. I do love dream theater and doors, metallica... alot of variety
description = Webtv and computer tools, cards, webtv IRC's, West Memphis Three case, music wavs and rams... FUN! Updated weekly


Friends of New Age Buddhism.
Hans Hinrich Taeger from Co. Donegal, Ireland is a Libra and likes to listening to Michel Jarre.
Buddhism, Astrology, Nature of Mind, New Age, Wisdom, Art, Beauty, Please visit this site

name = Jeff Hesch
where = Arizona
replyemail =
astro = gemini
title = My Reiki Page
music = The Beatles
description = This site was created to make available a wide range ofinformation on Usui Reiki and many related topics. It is of use to everyone from the
person just learning about Reiki to the Reiki Master/Teacher.

name = Marc van Lier
where = Netherlands
replyemail =
astro = Scorpio
title = Marc and Yolanta's place
music = U2description = If you thought that relationships through the Internet was impossible, then check out our homepage. We met each other on the internet and later in real. We would like to welcome you to our homepage where you can find some nice pictures, info about us and more.

name = Rex and Bonnie
where = Sweden
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = Bonnie and Rex´s Love Site
music = Depeche Mode......
description = Its a romantic site, tells about a story on 2 people that felt in love over the net, and here is the story about them.

name = walt Frampus, Jr
where = USA
replyemail =
astro = Virgo
title = Usui Traditional Reiki
music = The Cure
description = This site is about my spiritual journey and how I discovered Reiki.

Sten Lassen, home of smile.Theme: Bring a smile to the net.

Axel Jacob from Munich, Germany. Axel's Homeworld :Bilingual site, daily updates, family-friendly,news,links,infos, Windows95, Windows NT, Tools, Utilities, latest drivers, Gamespage, a great Antiviruspage, page with HTML links and stuff, Indianpages,Aquariumpages.

Jšrgen Sundberg a Libra from Stockholm Sweden. ICQ Stockholm phonebook .He likes to listen to Smashing Pumpkins, offspring.

Magic Award
name = Krista
where = Ottawa Canada
replyemail =
astro = leo
title = Krista's Tomb
submit = Send
description = a site about myself with an egyptian mystic
url =

My site is called: California Pamela
name = Sunshine
where = Vancouver, BC, Canada
replyemail =
astro = Taurus
title = Sunshine's Sundeck
music = R. Kelly (r & b)but enjoy ALL types of music ~'cept country!
description = 90+ pages of great things to see and hear ... truly the ED SULLIVAN SHOW of personal home pages!!!Featuring PASSIONATE POEMS, FUNN PAGES, BIG CATS and MUCH MUCH more.Stop by for a minute ... stay for a couple of hours!*hugs*
url =

name = Debbie Sharp
where = Arkansas USA
replyemail =
astro = pisces
title = Mesweet's Haven
music = Old time rock and roll.
description = A country girls perspective of her 9 days in Sweden with photographs and a more about Sweden section.
url =
Alternative Science Website
name = Kelly
where = Buffalo, NY, USA
replyemail =
astro = cancer, on leo cusp
title = The Road of Excess
music = The Cure, Tori Amos, Faith & the Muse, Sisters of Mercy... I'm a DJ, so choosing just one is torture!
description = It's an eclectic collection that's developed over several years. In addition to personal things like my artwork and journal, there is info on my radio show, the local "goth scene," car decorating ideas, comic book stuff, & more.

name = Lucia
where = Massachusetts
replyemail =
astro = virgo
title = The Gypsee's Ink
music = FleetwoodMac StevieNicks
description = THE GYPSEE'S INK~
Illuminating the Paths of the Mystical & Metaphysical~ with LuciaInTheSkyWithDiamonds/

name = Tara Lanham
where = Illinois
replyemail =
astro = Sag
title = Welcome to Tara's Page
music = Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Eminemn
description = I have a lot of cool graphics and pictures of things about me

name = Dawn Cardente
where = RI
replyemail =
astro = Capricorn
title = Dee_Astro's Astrology & New Age
music = soft rock
description = Astrology,numerology,psychic readings,tarot,free horoscopes,cool links,etc..

name = Ancel Manalili
where = Philippines
replyemail =
astro = libra
description = Travel Gallery that spans the globe, Confucius Wisdoms, Fascinating Facts and more.

name = Janet Selogy
where = ohio
replyemail =
astro = aries
title = Jan's Courtyard
music = oldies but goodies
description = fun family site with lots of original animation and graphics,music, many pages halloween, aliens, fifties,swamp critters, cavemen,
I would be happy if you visited my site. Jan

Caroline from Oxford, UK is a scorpio and likes all dance music. .Caroline's Site This site was built by me, about me and my hobby (Greyhounds) and also to help others building sites by offering lots of free stuff like midis, animations, banner exchange etc. I also have started to design my own things for people and I have lots of fun stuff, games and trivias....enjoy your visit!

Chez an Aquarius from South Africa. Rosewood Forest:A place of enchantment where you can meet some elven friends and those of the faery

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